Lifehack Your Way Out Of Writers Block

Well, this is the first blog post of  I know it’s embarressing to say as a web developer, but I completely corrupted the first version of this site.  I know that’s weird for a website dood to admit, but I make mistakes just like everyone else.  Luckily it was on my own site, and I know exactly why and how it happened, so you can rest-assured that it won’t happen again.

Anywho…while attempting to regurgitate all that I had previously spewed on the first version of this site I realized that I had to re-write everything that I previously wrote.  Technically at the time I’m writing this post a good majority of the site hasn’t been written yet.  Fortunately I found this post (that I’m about to share with you) on how to ‘hack’ your way through writers block.  Over the next few days I’m sure I’ll be using some of these techniques to get my proverbial juices flowing for content on this site.

Basically, if you find yourself looking for a ‘hot spot’ headline for your next print ad or you’re having a difficult time writing a radio ad; you should really look into some of these techniques.  I’m not lying.  They’ll help…even the one about talking to a stuffed animal…



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