Bill Gates Interview at Harvard (Video)

I love watching interviews with successful business men and the history of their business.  I think it’s because they give you a ‘hindsight is 20/20′ perspective on a business and their failures and successes.  If you don’t want to make the same mistakes in your business, then you should investigate someone who might have already made them…and made it through to the other side!  It’s like getting sage-like advice from a mentor that can be invaluable.  I started a music blog over a year ago where I usually interview bands that have been broken up for years.  It’s great to get that ‘perspective.’

This video is a interview Bill Gates (of Microsoft) did at Harvard University for a Harvard fundraising campaign.  Gates talks about a bunch of topics including his SAT scores, ‘taking a leave’ from Hardvard, Control+Alt+Delete, his Foundation and more.  The video is about an hour long you’ll need to take some time for it.  I usually just start playing, minimize the video and just listen to it.  Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Geek Wire for the original article “Finally: Bill Gates admits Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake

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