I Refuse To Sell Anyone Anything. How Do You View Your Business?

Why I Don’t ‘Sell’ Anything

I don’t know…maybe I’m fooling myself.  Maybe I’m trying to change a perception to fit my reality.  I sincerely don’t believe in ‘selling’ anything.  I believe I have a set of skills and talents.  This particular set of skills (or product) can help someone who is without these talents (or a product.) A set of skills that will be mutually beneficial for both parties involved.  I don’t believe in ‘tricking’ them or taking advantage of them.  I just want to find a perfect ‘fit.’

We can also find a connection with clients that are the right ‘fit’ for us.  I love the feeling of when I help a business achieve the website that helps them get business or is just the look/feel they had in mind.  I feel like we were the right fit for each other and that my talents was worth the money they spent on me.  If I’m dealing with a client who is all about getting discounts, or I feel like they are starting to take advantage of me…then I feel like they don’t value what I have to offer and that we aren’t a good ‘fit.’

Furthermore, if you’re working for someone then the same rules apply.  They are paying you a salary or wages in exchange for your time, talents and experience.

Why I Don’t Advertise Anything

If I’m truly passionate about my set of skills (or product) and believe they have some real benefits to someone then wouldn’t I want them to know about it?  I would be doing them a disservice.  This is what I believe advertising and/or marketing is.  Getting your product to the eyes and ears of someone who could benefit for them.  Not pushing them or tricking them, but making them aware that it exists and what the benefits are.  If it’s a good ‘fit’…then awesome!

Regardless of your opinions about pharmaceutical companies; think about a scientist who comes up with a groundbreaking cure to some disease.  Wouldn’t he want to tell the world about how it could save lives.  How his talents and product created something that the world could benefit from.


Maybe I’m an idealist, but whenever I’m faced with an ‘ethical’ question or am presented with a business decision, I always try to ‘go back to basics’ and keep this ‘ideal’ in mind.

Hi, I'm a marketing guy, who knows how to make websites. Every so often I see or think of things, that will be of value to others. It's either that or I just need to 'rage-vent.'



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