The “I Should Hope So” Question

I was listening once to a Jeffrey Hedquist teleseminar.  I really like Hedquist because he’s a bit honest when it comes to advertising.  He’s one of those guys (to me) that said it ‘how it is.’  A bit of a Gordon Ramsay type, with a little more tact.  He primarily focus’ on radio but I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t apply any type of advertising.

You Should Own More Than One Domain Name

I’ve bought, owned and use some fun domain names.  I’m a pretty big advocate of owning more than one domain name and for good reason…Domain names are cheap!!!  You can generally purchase a .com domain name for anywhere between $9 – $15 (and often you can find promotions for ‘non-.coms’.)  That’s a small investment for a potentially great return.  Below you’ll find some suggestions on when and why you might want to think about buying a new domain:

Kmart - Ship My Pants Video

Advertising Gold: Kmart – Ship My Pants (Video)

I’m working on another ‘real‘ article, but I just had to share this commercial.  It comes from Kmart and it is titled “Ship My Pants.”  It’s a great example of getting your attention and no part of this commercial seems overly redundant.  I think it’s cast perfectly, written perfectly and there’s two versions included in the video.  I think I may like it better than the FedEx Heavy Metal commercial.  Check out the video below and laugh a little…it’s Monday.  A huge thanks to Pallante Photography for shooting this commercial my way.

When Is Advertising The Enemy?

I was posting an article about the importance of customer service when I came across an article that had the opening line, “SURVEY RESULT: 86 percent of U.S. adults will pay more for a better customer experience. So why do companies continue to cut customer service costs and increase spending on marketing?”  My mind immediate went off on a rant, so I went with it.

The article from Win The Customer had some amazing statistics about customer service including:

What Colors In Your Logo Mean & Establishing Your ‘Color Mission Statement’

The colors you use to represent your business can often have a great impact on how people see your business.  We’ve all learned, at some point, the basics of color psychology but when’s the last time you used this with your business.  Sometimes people will even get pumped about using color psychology for their logo but forget that it does impact all parts of their business…like you business cards or your advertisements.

Your Advertising Is Really Your Sales Force.

The Problem!

Do you have a small business?  How about a medium sized business?  Word-of-mouth can be great but at some point business will start slowing down.  Furthermore, how are you suppose to get new customers to get positive Word-of-mouth started?  How are you suppose to get people in the door?  If you had an unlimited amount of money you would think about hiring someone to do some outside sales.  You know, make some cold calls to get people into your store.  Have someone ‘hit the pavement’ to drum up some more business.

The Mint!

Do you know about The Mint.  At WRNJ it was something our Production Manager referred too as that little comic relief you leave someone with at the end of the commercial.  You leave them a mint on the pillow as it were.  While looking up potential posts for The Albatross I came across this ‘Heavy Metal’ FedEx Commercial that I think is brilliant.  The Mint?  “Ima get some water for those flowers.” …in perfect comedic timing.  Check it out below:

The Message Is Not The Medium

I’ve seen my share of people think that the medium is the message.  It’s a common mistake that I believe happens too much.  Business owners think that if they have a website then people will come.  Or if they put an ad on the radio then by Saturday people will be knocking down their door.  I beg to differ.  What’s on your website that will compel people to use your services?  What is the compelling content of your radio ad that shows people why they should be knocking your doors down?

Lifehack Your Way Out Of Writers Block

Well, this is the first blog post of  I know it’s embarressing to say as a web developer, but I completely corrupted the first version of this site.  I know that’s weird for a website dood to admit, but I make mistakes just like everyone else.  Luckily it was on my own site, and I know exactly why and how it happened, so you can rest-assured that it won’t happen again.

Hi, I'm a marketing guy, who knows how to make websites. Every so often I see or think of things, that will be of value to others. It's either that or I just need to 'rage-vent.'



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