Don’t Let The (Business) Man Get You Down

It’s easy to get deflated in business.  Sometimes it’s hard to bounce back.  There are many reasons why your ideas, goals and brainstorms might get shot down (or shut down) in a work environment.  I’ve always compared it to “letting your cup run dry“.  Whether you’re tired of doing work that gets unrecognized, get your ideas brushed under the rug, or even passed by.  There’s only a certain amount of…let’s call enthusiasm you can muster before it’s all gone; and in turn, you’re cup runs dry.  Some people call it getting burned out; and the outcome can make lose your passion for what you do.

I Refuse To Sell Anyone Anything. How Do You View Your Business?

Why I Don’t ‘Sell’ Anything

I don’t know…maybe I’m fooling myself.  Maybe I’m trying to change a perception to fit my reality.  I sincerely don’t believe in ‘selling’ anything.  I believe I have a set of skills and talents.  This particular set of skills (or product) can help someone who is without these talents (or a product.) A set of skills that will be mutually beneficial for both parties involved.  I don’t believe in ‘tricking’ them or taking advantage of them.  I just want to find a perfect ‘fit.’

Seth W.’s Beliefs About Customer Service

Today we’ve got a new ‘guest writer!‘  He’s an old friend who I get together with every once in a while and discuss marketing, social media, the internet, music and a bunch of other stuff!  His name is Seth W.  I recently subscribed to Seth’s newsletter and his latest article was perfect!  To be honest, after my recent vacation I was mentally preparing to write an article about customer service.  I got home and Seth’s article was in my inbox and, well, he did a better job than I could have.  So…I asked Seth if I could feature him as a ‘guest writer!’  I am honored to share some of his knowledge to you!

How Not To Sell Something, Vol. 2

A Funny Story

I’m sure I could come up with a bunch of real life examples, but I hate when I go into a store looking to be educated and I can’t get what I’m looking for.  Say, for example, I’m looking for a PC and the ‘sales person’ just reads the boxes or the sales tags.  To me, it’s kind of insulting.  Is the person ‘helping’ me assuming I can’t read?  I’m looking for someone to help (and educate me) on the right product for me.

How I Sell Something, Vol. 1

So, we’ve talked about how not to sell.  Today, I thought I’d talk about the other side of the coin and give some inspiration about how I do sell.

Most of the time I like to ‘sell’ with options.  Give someone options for what they’re looking for with an explanation of why I’m giving those options and what the differences are between the options.  Two examples come to mind.  

Throw Yourself In The Deep End!

I was thinking this month about ‘getting the job done’ and what it takes to do so.  For me a lot of times I like to work under pressure.  I like deadlines and I like the challenge.  It’s almost like a game to me.  A game I get paid for.  It’s the old cliché about the college student who doesn’t start writing a paper till the night before it’s due.  I was a little like that, but mostly it was because I was a little lazy.  I’m getting off track though.  My point is, I think it’s important to throw yourself in the deep end sometimes to keep your skills sharp.

The Smarter Advertising, Pt. 1

I haven’t posted in a little bit due to ‘end of the year chaos’ but I thought I would share a few tips & quips for your next advertising campaign.   There are a bunch of things I’ve learned on my own and a bunch of people I’ve taken advice from.  Here’s some of those thoughts / rants.

Marketing Gold – 31 Examples Of Amazing Product Packaging

Buzzfeed had a great post called “31 Mind-Blowing Examples of Brilliant Packaging Design.”  I believe some of them are ‘concepts’ more than reality, but all the idea’s are actually pretty cool.  I thought they could help inspire you with some ideas for your business.  Sometimes the most creative ideas can be the simplest!  I’ve put some of my favorites below, but be sure to check out all of them!

How To Stay Progressive With Your Business (Or Go Away)

I thought I’d write a little post about staying progressive.  Maybe a reminder to stay ahead of the game.  There are some businesses I see who like to sit back and ‘breath.’  I don’t think this is nearly ever good.

What I’m Talking About:

When you’ve finally opened the doors to your new business or you’re a well established business that’s been around for 20 years, I think there’s a time in anyone’s business where they just sit back and either reap the benefits or watch their business go down the tubes.

There are a bunch of different reasons this could happen, but what you have to be careful of is falling behind.


Bill Gates Interview at Harvard (Video)

I love watching interviews with successful business men and the history of their business.  I think it’s because they give you a ‘hindsight is 20/20′ perspective on a business and their failures and successes.  If you don’t want to make the same mistakes in your business, then you should investigate someone who might have already made them…and made it through to the other side!  It’s like getting sage-like advice from a mentor that can be invaluable.  I started a music blog over a year ago where I usually interview bands that have been broken up for years.  It’s great to get that ‘perspective.’

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