Keep Failing…It’s Good For You

The idea of failing can be scary for a lot of people.  Failing in business can be extra scary and carry extra consequences.  It can be scary when you’ve invested your money in something and can potentially lose it.  It can be scary when you think about the amount of time you’re not spending with family and friends, that you’ll lose.  It’s reasons like this that it took me over three years to start my own business.  Not being sure if I’m going to be broke in 6 months or if I’m going to flush any money I’ve saved right down the toilet makes it even worse.  I’ve seen businesses take out second mortgages on their house just to keep their business open…and still fail!

Hi, I'm a marketing guy, who knows how to make websites. Every so often I see or think of things, that will be of value to others. It's either that or I just need to 'rage-vent.'



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