Your Advertising Is Really Your Sales Force.

The Problem!

Do you have a small business?  How about a medium sized business?  Word-of-mouth can be great but at some point business will start slowing down.  Furthermore, how are you suppose to get new customers to get positive Word-of-mouth started?  How are you suppose to get people in the door?  If you had an unlimited amount of money you would think about hiring someone to do some outside sales.  You know, make some cold calls to get people into your store.  Have someone ‘hit the pavement’ to drum up some more business.

Lifehack Your Way Out Of Writers Block

Well, this is the first blog post of  I know it’s embarressing to say as a web developer, but I completely corrupted the first version of this site.  I know that’s weird for a website dood to admit, but I make mistakes just like everyone else.  Luckily it was on my own site, and I know exactly why and how it happened, so you can rest-assured that it won’t happen again.

Hi, I'm a marketing guy, who knows how to make websites. Every so often I see or think of things, that will be of value to others. It's either that or I just need to 'rage-vent.'



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