Decision Making In Business

Tips & Tricks To Help You Make Decisions Easier!

I’m pretty much the worst at making decisions.  The problem is most of the time it’s not about important things.  It’s about what movie to watch or what to have for dinner.  Ultimately, I feel like most of the time it’s because I fear that I am not utilizing my time (or money) in the best manner possible.  If I pick a crappy movie, then I feel like I’ve just wasted 2 hours of my life.  If I’m not satisfied with my dinner choice then I’ve just wasted money on a meal that didn’t make me happy.

Guide To Google's Penguin 2.0

Google and Penguin 2.0 Back Me Up On Blogging And SEO Optimization

Penguin 2.0 is Google’s new algorithm for delivering search results.  It delivers a bunch of updates to how Google ranks websites on the world-wide web.  The funny thing is that the Penguin 2.0 update is utilizing things that I’ve been talking about for a while.  The first time we talked about being sincere with your online presence.  Then I showed you some important stats about the benefits of blogging.  Then we talked about the importance of local businesses who blog.  Heck!  I even gave you some tips & inspiration for posting to your website.

So what I’m going to do in this article is go over my philosophy of SEO, we’ll define some terms and finally talk about what changes have come with Penguin 2.0.  Let’s get into it…

what is business success

How Do You Define Success & Passion? What Does Motivation Mean To You?

I almost titled this article, “The Most Successful Business Doesn’t Mean The Best Business (At Least To Me)” but then I decided to take a little different approach.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my motivations and what exactly motivates me.  I usually, to a fault, try to funnel down my own personality so that I know how to deal with myself, business and life (in general) better.  Sometimes I think I think too much!

While I was thinking about my motivations in business I started thinking about how I get freaked out when I see a badly run business do well.  I’ve seen a lot smarter people fail with their business over much less.  I’ve pondered it for a long time.  How come people go to all these seminars, take classes or even go to a business coach and fail but some seemly ‘bad business person‘ can be successful.

Social Media Users For Business

The Seven-Types Of Social Media Users For Business

The guys at Reach Local (via Marketing Profs) have posted an infographic about the seven-types of Social Media fans.  While you’ve probably seen a bunch of these, some of which can be pretty humorus, Reach Local goes one step further to explain how businesses can reach each type of Social Media user.  If you’ve checked out the infographic and you still want a little more information, you can also check out iMedia Connection with an article titled, “7 Types of Facebook Fans that affect your business.”

Keep Failing…It’s Good For You

The idea of failing can be scary for a lot of people.  Failing in business can be extra scary and carry extra consequences.  It can be scary when you’ve invested your money in something and can potentially lose it.  It can be scary when you think about the amount of time you’re not spending with family and friends, that you’ll lose.  It’s reasons like this that it took me over three years to start my own business.  Not being sure if I’m going to be broke in 6 months or if I’m going to flush any money I’ve saved right down the toilet makes it even worse.  I’ve seen businesses take out second mortgages on their house just to keep their business open…and still fail!

The “I Should Hope So” Question

I was listening once to a Jeffrey Hedquist teleseminar.  I really like Hedquist because he’s a bit honest when it comes to advertising.  He’s one of those guys (to me) that said it ‘how it is.’  A bit of a Gordon Ramsay type, with a little more tact.  He primarily focus’ on radio but I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t apply any type of advertising.

You Should Own More Than One Domain Name

I’ve bought, owned and use some fun domain names.  I’m a pretty big advocate of owning more than one domain name and for good reason…Domain names are cheap!!!  You can generally purchase a .com domain name for anywhere between $9 – $15 (and often you can find promotions for ‘non-.coms’.)  That’s a small investment for a potentially great return.  Below you’ll find some suggestions on when and why you might want to think about buying a new domain:

11 (More) Reasons Your Local Business Should Be Blogging

I often have a hard time convincing small businesses that they should be blogging.  It can be time consuming and frustrating but it’s worth it in the long run.  I believe that many people decide not to blog the same way they decide not to advertise.  When you blog, you’re essentially spending you time or money on something with no ‘guarantee’ that it will pay-off.  It’s actually a type of risk analysis.  You’re weighing your time (or money) to the potential ROI.

Intent Precedes Content – A Business With Customer’s In Mind

So I started writing this article and I went on so many different ‘side rants’ that I decided to break them up into a ‘series’ of posts about how closely knit being in a band is with ‘the business world.’  Here’s part two… (Go here for part one)

When Is Advertising The Enemy?

I was posting an article about the importance of customer service when I came across an article that had the opening line, “SURVEY RESULT: 86 percent of U.S. adults will pay more for a better customer experience. So why do companies continue to cut customer service costs and increase spending on marketing?”  My mind immediate went off on a rant, so I went with it.

The article from Win The Customer had some amazing statistics about customer service including:

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