Social Media Users For Business

The Seven-Types Of Social Media Users For Business

The guys at Reach Local (via Marketing Profs) have posted an infographic about the seven-types of Social Media fans.  While you’ve probably seen a bunch of these, some of which can be pretty humorus, Reach Local goes one step further to explain how businesses can reach each type of Social Media user.  If you’ve checked out the infographic and you still want a little more information, you can also check out iMedia Connection with an article titled, “7 Types of Facebook Fans that affect your business.”

Intent Precedes Content – A Business With Customer’s In Mind

So I started writing this article and I went on so many different ‘side rants’ that I decided to break them up into a ‘series’ of posts about how closely knit being in a band is with ‘the business world.’  Here’s part two… (Go here for part one)

‘The Best Of’ Interviewing Tips For 2013

A couple weeks ago we announced a new service The Online Resume.  Last week, I thought I’d give you some resume tips to make your resume stand out amongst your unemployed competitors.  The article was titled ‘The Best of’ Resume Tips For 2013, in which we looked at a bunch of resources with tips and tricks to make your resume stand out.  This week we’re following the natural progression of things and presenting the best interviewing tips we could find on the world wide web.  Let’s get started…

‘The Best Of’ Resume Tips For 2013

So earlier this week I announced a new package at I Heart Blank, The Online Resume.  I thought I would follow that up with some tips and tricks for ‘pimping out’ your resume.  I thought I’d go through a number of topics to help you improve your resume.  Let’s get started!  There’s a lot here so make sure you take notes or save the links!

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