The History Of Marketing [INFOGRAPH]

As per usual, Daily Infographic had a winning infograph today called “From Ink To Inbound: A History Of Marketing.” Check it out below or on DI.

Marketing Gold – 31 Examples Of Amazing Product Packaging

Buzzfeed had a great post called “31 Mind-Blowing Examples of Brilliant Packaging Design.”  I believe some of them are ‘concepts’ more than reality, but all the idea’s are actually pretty cool.  I thought they could help inspire you with some ideas for your business.  Sometimes the most creative ideas can be the simplest!  I’ve put some of my favorites below, but be sure to check out all of them!

Tips And Inspiration For Writing Your Next Blog Post / Article

posted an article about the importance and benefits of having a blog on your website.  We went over why it’s important to keep up with it, touched on how often, and what it can do for your business.  While writing the article I came up with a lot of stuff, so I thought I’d pull out a portion of it for it’s own blog post.  I know I have the attention span of a goldfish and I’m sure many of you do too.  They’re tips and ideas for writing articles and posts that your clients and potential clients will love.

Report Proves The Importance Of Blogging

An article came up on Marketingprof’s today about the impact of blogging and the resulting website traffic.  Take a look at the graph below and you’ll see what I mean.  According to HubSpot (via MarketingProf’s):

The Mint!

Do you know about The Mint.  At WRNJ it was something our Production Manager referred too as that little comic relief you leave someone with at the end of the commercial.  You leave them a mint on the pillow as it were.  While looking up potential posts for The Albatross I came across this ‘Heavy Metal’ FedEx Commercial that I think is brilliant.  The Mint?  “Ima get some water for those flowers.” …in perfect comedic timing.  Check it out below:

The Message Is Not The Medium

I’ve seen my share of people think that the medium is the message.  It’s a common mistake that I believe happens too much.  Business owners think that if they have a website then people will come.  Or if they put an ad on the radio then by Saturday people will be knocking down their door.  I beg to differ.  What’s on your website that will compel people to use your services?  What is the compelling content of your radio ad that shows people why they should be knocking your doors down?

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