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How Do You Define Success & Passion? What Does Motivation Mean To You?

I almost titled this article, “The Most Successful Business Doesn’t Mean The Best Business (At Least To Me)” but then I decided to take a little different approach.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my motivations and what exactly motivates me.  I usually, to a fault, try to funnel down my own personality so that I know how to deal with myself, business and life (in general) better.  Sometimes I think I think too much!

While I was thinking about my motivations in business I started thinking about how I get freaked out when I see a badly run business do well.  I’ve seen a lot smarter people fail with their business over much less.  I’ve pondered it for a long time.  How come people go to all these seminars, take classes or even go to a business coach and fail but some seemly ‘bad business person‘ can be successful.

The Mint!

Do you know about The Mint.  At WRNJ it was something our Production Manager referred too as that little comic relief you leave someone with at the end of the commercial.  You leave them a mint on the pillow as it were.  While looking up potential posts for The Albatross I came across this ‘Heavy Metal’ FedEx Commercial that I think is brilliant.  The Mint?  “Ima get some water for those flowers.” …in perfect comedic timing.  Check it out below:

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